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Updated: January 24, 2014


62nd Annual Family Island Regatta

Traditional Bahamian Sloop sailing at their best. The National races, that take place in Elizabeth Harbor, Exuma annually during the last full weekend of April is the gathering of many Bahamian boater builders and sailors to compete to be the best of the best in their Class. Regatta Dates 21st through 26th April 2015.

Updated: March 4th, 2014

Welcome to Exuma!

"Isles where Columbus first unfurled the Spanish flag in the Western World. Isles where the pirates once held sway, and scuttled ships off many a cay. Isles of summer and endless June, velvet nights and a golden moon. Waters of turquoise and lazuli, whitest of beaches and sapphire sea. Isles of romance, story and song, of galliant deeds and bitter wrong" Author unknown.

First Inhabititants

The first inhabitatnts of whom there is evidence are the Lucayans. The Lucayans were Arawaks, a term tha meant meat eaters in their language. They orginated in South America where their descendants are still to be found in northern parts of Venezuela and the Guianas. The Lucayans were a handsome people almost oriental in appearance, with broad faces and foreheads flattened in infancy by pressing their heads between boards.

Christopher Columbus and the Spanish Invasion

It was the Arawaks of Cuba who taught Columbus and his people their custom of smoking the Cohiba in their strange "Y" shaped pipes called tobacco. The tubes of the Y were inserted in their nostrils and the smoke inhaled until the smoker fell into a stupor. The Spaniards quickly picked up this habit although they did not inhale to the point of intoxication. The landing of Christopher Columbus in 1492 sounded the death knell for the Lucayan civilization. Columbus brought back some Lucayans in chains and it was not long before King Ferdinand of Spain authorized raiding parties to the "useless" islands for their mines and plantations.

The Exumas Today

The Exuma Cays (Islands) stretch from approximately 35 miles Southeast of Nassau, Bahamas for over 100 miles, in a long chain that encompasses 365 tropical islands, one for each day of the year! Manned space craft from Cape Kennedy regularly follow the chain on takeoff, eliciting the following description from one astronaut. "They appear below me, like a Golden Chain on an Emerald sea".

These Out-Islands (Bahamians like to call the Family Islands) are a much appreciated relief from the glitz, glamour, and business of Nassau and Grand Bahama. Here the natural element is the attraction- the remoteness and beauty of the hundreds of perfect beaches, the abundant marine life, and the clarity of the turquoise waters. This is ANOTHER WORLD in itself. The people are ever so friendly and helpful: the atmosphere laid back and casual, the surroundings breathtaking!

Once a haven for pirates, slave traders, rum-runners, and drug smugglers, the Exumas is still for the simple man, prestine beaches amazing sunsets the most beautiful waters on the planet, freindly people great food and drink, there is a little slice of paradise here for everyone. So slap on some suncreen a pair of flip-flops and you're ready to hit the beach. With our international airport The Exumas are a short flight away from the eastern United States but it's worth the longer plane rides if you're coming from afar. We look forward to meeting you and showing you a little of what this beautiful place has to offer.

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